A must watch for every sports coach.

Tony’s heart-warming and inspiring story unveils his approach to coaching athletes from grassroots to elite, and is one that can be embraced by all sport coaches of any age and any level.
Watch this epic story of a world champion Irish rower who has changed the lives of hundreds of kiwi school boys and is the ‘wizard’ behind our gold medal winning Men’s 8 at the Tokyo Olympics. Most of all be inspired by Tony O’Connor’s passionate coaching philosophy anchored on caring for his athletes as people first – winning shiny cups and medals a distant second.

A philosophy the Coach For Life Foundation hopes will inspire all kiwi coaches to embrace in their mission to grow better people through sport.
“…they’re also school boys, and he’s Irish, and this is the New Zealand rowing team – I couldn’t work out why he was here…”
Michael Brake – Member of Men’s Rowing 8